Our Inaugural Conference, Healing A Traumatized World, has finally become a Reality!

For several years, during annual strategic plan meetings, our ABCSW Board of Directors, brought up the idea of hosting an annual conference for our members. Our goal was to establish a conference where our members, board, and other clinicians could come together to meet, learn, network, re-energize, share ideas and form new friendships, collaborations, and foster professional growth.  

As our Association transitioned from American Board Of Examiners into The American Board Of Clinical Social Work, we also moved into a management partnership with Talley Management Group. This move has allowed our vision to gain the wings needed for take-off.

Then COVID happened. So our annual board meeting was canceled for the past two years. Fortunately, we took advantage of the time to plan ahead, establish different committees, recruit some volunteers to serve on those committees (alongside our board members),   generate new ideas, implement strategies and begin planning our inaugural conference. 

A big component in this process was finding the perfect conference chair. We are so fortunate to have  Ms. Jana Edwards, one of our new board members, fill that position. Jana is phenomenal and it was through her efforts that we secured speakers who are at the forefront of cutting edge research in the trauma arena. 

My hope is that you, our valued member, take advantage of this opportunity to make history together! Whether you participate in person or virtually, we’re glad to have you with us! Looking forward to meeting you in Florida!

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