BCD Certification & the Military 


The Board Certified Diplomate in Clinical Social Work (BCD), the gold standard for advanced clinical practitioners, is one of two clinical social work specialty boards recognized by the Uniformed Services (United States Air Force, United States Army, United States Navy, United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps) for Board Certification Pay.

Eligibility criteria for BCD certification are summarized below:

  1. A master’s degree in social work with at least 12 semester credit hours of clinical coursework and a direct practice internship, or a doctoral degree in clinical social work with a direct practice internship; official transcripts must be provided by your graduate school.

  2. State licensure in good standing at the highest clinical level available in the state(s) in which you practice.

  3. Five (5) years and 7,500 hours of post-graduate clinical social work practice as defined by your current state licensure statutes and/or board rules. Two (2) years and 3,000 hours of this practice must have been under supervision.

  4. Currency in practice: 300 hours of clinical social work practice in the 12 months prior to applying as:
    1. defined by your current state licensure statutes and/or board rules; or
    2. having held an occupational position (e.g., in a psychiatric or medical hospital, agency settings of various kinds, independent private clinical practice, forensic and correctional setting in the community or in institutions, the military, the VA, U.S. Public Health, etc.) that requires a clinical social work license at the highest clinical level in your state, or
    3. a tenured or tenure-track faculty member in a graduate (master’s or doctoral) clinical social work program.

  5. 40 hours of respective licensing board qualified clinical continuing education over the past three years.

If you are a Military or PHS officer serving as a social worker, apply for the BCD certification to establish your clinical expertise and to receive $6,000 annually.

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