Love.....and Relationships

Love is patient

Love is kind

Love is faithful

Love is sublime

At a young age, most of us begin dreaming of growing up and meeting our “Prince Charming” or “Knight in Shining Armor”. We are waiting for love to come knock on our door and are ready to be consumed by eternal bliss. This is an immature and unrealistic love that we can all relate to as part of the “happily ever after”.

As we mature into our 20’s, then our 30’s and beyond, our outlook on love and relationships usually changes. By this time, we’ve usually become more comfortable in our own skin and may no longer be looking for a Knight to sweep us off our feet. Physical looks are no longer as important and neither is the size of their bank account, or lack thereof. We may no longer be dazzled by gifts and flowers (although those are always welcome!) Chances are, we now fully appreciate a significant other who is emotionally available, helps around the house, shares financial responsibilities, celebrates our birthdays and anniversaries, is kind to our parents and family, gets along with our friends, is respectful in private and in front of others, trusts and empowers us to reach our full potential professionally and otherwise, gives us the space we need, is our go-to person for weathering the good, the bad and the ugly punches that life delivers…. and is our forever plus one. 

Sure, there’ll always be some annoying habits that we can choose to either overlook or continue arguing about. Like making sure they put the toilet seat down, pick up after themselves, complete their honey do’s, quit rushing us, allow us to shop in peace, not having to hide our newest acquisitions, not make plans for us without checking first, and forgetting to tell us how beautiful and extraordinary we truly are.

By the same token, we too must fulfill our role as a good partner in this committed relationship. We must be present and intentional in our actions and deeds. Our partner also deserves our love & devotion, trust, attention, and plenty of compliments. It’s just as important to be accepting of their family and friends and embracing of their life goals and dreams. We must be willing to give of ourselves without losing our identity. Being in a mutually committed and loving relationship is a gift… and must be treasured and treated with the utmost care.

Celebrate your Love for each other and remember why you fell in love. It’s good to remind your loved one how special they are and what makes them “perfect for you”.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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