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Thanksgiving Greetings

This year has been very busy for the ABCSW - from the change of traditional management to association management, a new name, on-boarding new board members, a change in leadership, an updated strategic plan, the creation of new committees and a new website - all in the midst of a pandemic, election year and social justice movements. The ongoing work to support Clinical Social Work continues to make us proud to be part of this amazing FAMILY.

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Equality for All

The American Board of Clinical Social Work (ABCSW) is united with the voices being raised across America who are demonstrating and demanding an end to institutionalized racism in all its forms. We are committed to uphold the dignity, human rights and freedom of all individuals without regard to their race, gender, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, or religious beliefs.

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COVID-19 Resources

The American Board of Clinical Social Work (ABCSW) prides itself on being a close organization of clinical social workers who support each other through everything, especially during a time like this. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has impacted us in every aspect of our lives – professionally, personally, financially and mentally. We empathize with you as all of us go through this together.

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